Good-afternoon everyone,

When it comes to posting THANK YOU messages via thy poems,
one first needs to read over the below information...

Do be patient before posting thy first THANK YOU message...
Yes one's poem thread may have a few comments via it, but still you
the poet can wait a while... If your poem is near the top I see no reason
to post a POST THANK U MESSAGE so quickly...

Note: One needs to thank atleast 2-4 poets per thank you message...
No more thanking each poet via a separate posted message, as thats
eating up BANDWIDTH, and it looks TACKY!!

Note: If you still need help, just contact one of the moderators,
and they gladly will assist you...

Moderators/Community Helpers: - Emerginglight - FaShaBaby - Inquisitive

JacquiiC@PoetJC.Info - JacquiiC - NettaJack - PrincessNaahma

Have a nice day...

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